VisaAlert Refund Policy

Last Update: 10th April 2024

1. Within Cool-off Period: If you cancel your subscription within the 24-hour cool-off period, you are eligible for a full refund of the subscription fee paid.

2. After Service Commencement: Refunds are not available once the service has started and surpassed the cool-off period. The subscription will remain valid for the remainder of the 1-month period.

3. Appointment Availability: While we provide instant notifications for available appointments, we cannot guarantee that appointments will be available on specific dates, as this depends on each country's visa appointment website. Refunds cannot be provided based on the lack of appointment availability on preferred dates.

4. VisaAlert Pro Users: For VisaAlert Pro users, adjusting the preferred appointment date range is possible at any time during the service period. However, because auto-booking is a one-off service that consumes significant computational resources to operate continuously, once an appointment has been successfully booked, the service is considered completed, and no refunds will be issued. We are not responsible of the potential external factors that can lead to a failed appointment reservation, including but not limited to: clients miss the payment window, the official website glitches, clients don't get notifications due to their email provider blocks our messages, and etc.